Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Natsu vs Goku Who Would Really Win?

How hard is it to join the Peace Corps?

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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Shit, People Throw Away

It's ridiculous the amount of usable goods that are thrown away.  People are starving and we throw away food. There's people who don't have a bed and we throw away beds. There is people without clothes and we throw away clothes.

We need better regulations and a easier way for these materials to find a new home. We shouldn't be throwing away laptops, televisions, and other electronic goods. Their components can be reused.

Many things wind up in a landfill completely destroyed.

4 billion trees are cut down each year, when we already have many alternatives.


We throw away approximately 1/3 of the food that is produced each year when ~ 8 million people are starving. That's right we throw away enough food to feed every starving person in the world!



Real solutions require recycling, but make it easy, and as fun as possible. Children should be able to bring their old clothes and electronics to school. They can be given away there or recycled, if they're broken they should be able to have them fixed there and the students should be a part of the process.

Not only would this decrease pollution, it teaches students real world applicable skills. It helps decrease poverty, and could just generally improve the well being of people world wide.